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New Game!

2015-12-14 09:46:47 by HenrikSahlin

New Game!

New game coming out on Pixel Day! What do you think about the style?



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2015-12-14 10:18:44

Looks cool so far! Is that dude a ninja?

HenrikSahlin responds:

Thanks Tom! It's actually up for the player to decide, we just made a cool looking character. :)


2015-12-14 17:54:47

I like the atmosphere and design. Can't wait until I can try this game out by myself.

These are spikes or a grass?

HenrikSahlin responds:

Nice that you like the looks :)

It's actually spikes at the bottom, but the designe on those will change because they're just temporary... I made them myself. (ErikSwahn makes all the drawing otherwise, and since I do the level design I just made something quick)


2015-12-14 18:20:18

It reminds me LIMBO. Looks awesome :D

HenrikSahlin responds:

Thanks dude! :D


2015-12-14 20:31:16

Looks Apocalyptic maybe?
Cant wait, looks great.

HenrikSahlin responds:

You got that half-right! :) Thanks!


2016-01-23 22:45:18

as the background got red and I got to lit fires, it look a bit like ..well ya know 'down there' ;)