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Very cool, the style impresses me!

Really well made dude ;)

I feel ya, this happened to all of my games :( Though I first saw it as a good thing, which kind of wasn't all wrong. However flash games can be sitelocked (discovered that when it was too late) but there is a way around that too, unfortunately. Many of the great gaming sites steal most of their games from sites like this, which is really sad because people come here (at least I did) to try and get their work appreciated.
Good video and really spot on with what is the problem!

ApexxWolf responds:

Ah dude that sucks :( Glad there is a way to sitelock.

And thanks for watching!

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This game plays really well! It's really cool too! :D

The music makes this so comfy! I just wish there were more things to do, even though there are so many! Great job.

You got me with the falcon knee, I man falcon in melee and a dashdance knee makes me give 5 stars!

PuffballsUnited responds:

Haha awesome! Gotta get that technique down

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This was a really cool track. I love the industrial tone, it gives you a feeling of sorts.

Waterflame responds:

Thanks! Yeah, that "overcast" feeling. ( ? )

Cool song dude. i like it a lot c:

Really cool use of vocals, reminds me a of Hideki Naganuma's soundtracks a little bit, but mostly it sounds original. I like it!

Waterflame responds:

Thanks! Yeah I know of that composer well, I probably took some influence from him in my earlier days, among other people that did vocal chops. I've just always had a thing for rhythmic nonsensical vocals.

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Love it when you use more colors in your drawings! Although I do like most of what you do, keep it up ;)

Cool style! The atmosphere is also very nice! The details is just right for this too. :D

Really really nice details on the face, amazing colors too!

I make games and such, and I love it!

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