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Posted by HenrikSahlin - October 17th, 2017

Hello again!

Finally I can say that Imperil, which we released here on newgrounds last year is set for steam release on November 1st!

We are so happy to finally have it done and we are looking forward to everyone playing it! It's been a long journey and you can expect more games from us in the future, that is certain.


Get Imperil HERE on November 1st!


Posted by HenrikSahlin - January 24th, 2016

Hey hey! 

Imperil is doing great so far! It's even on the top of the front page! Wohoo!

I'm personally very pleased with the game, because for me it looks awesome and is super fun to play, and speedrunning it is super fun. Try to beat my score! 

Play Imperil!

Posted by HenrikSahlin - December 14th, 2015

New Game!

New game coming out on Pixel Day! What do you think about the style?


Posted by HenrikSahlin - October 6th, 2015

Wizurd Dev Update #2

Yo! Me and Deamoncraze have been working on the mobile game Wizurd for about 2 months now. We have great plans for this and it is going to be released on google play for android and the Appstore for iOS.

Now we have updated the interface even more and we're focusing on getting the characters ready and making sure that playing the game feels nice. Soon al the characters will be complete and we will start making the bosses and all the enemies.

We will keep upating here on newgrounds every 2 weeks and a bit more frequently on our twitter page. Please show you support by following us here or on twitter!

Here is a preview of the newest interface and the necromancer casting some spells!


Posted by HenrikSahlin - September 20th, 2015

Wizurd Dev Update #1!

Hello again! Me and my Friend Daemoncraze here on newgrounds are working on the new wizurd game for mobile phones! We have been working on this since the releaase on the newgrounds game wizurd. We have come a pretty long way! The last few weeks we have been planning how the game will be played and what will be in the game, and we have come up with a lot of content. Many stages and monsters, along with bosses and new playable characters. You will be able to unlock the characters as you play the game, and each character have a unique set of spells each. Also we have a new interface for the game. Here is a picture on the Shaman casting spells on a new stage!


Also remember to support us by following us on twitter so that we can answer questions!

Posted by HenrikSahlin - August 27th, 2015

Wizurd is on its way!

You heard me. It was almost a month ago that Wizurd was released! Right now it has over 16 k views! Hurray!!

This well exceeded our expectations and has led to the continuing of development for the game as a mobile game. We will be posting and updates and related stuff on our and Twitter page so please follow us there and spread the word! Anyone can also contact us via or Twitter if there's anything that you want to know.

We're planning to release the game on both iOS and Android.

Oh and don't forget to play The original version right here on Newgrounds! Thanks Everebody!